Our Story

The Gracious Gobbler was created to help families focus on the connection between kindness and gratitude.  In a world where our lives can become very hectic, it allows parents and children to be more intentional every day in focusing on the kindness we can bring to others and feeling gratitude for the kindness others have shown to us.

As a family of six, our days are very busy.  The Gracious Gobbler has created an opportunity for us to spend a month focusing on positive behavior and being intentional in our actions.  We feel the opportunity to build strong values starts at home, as a family.  We hope that as you experience the power of gratitude and kindness that this tradition will bring grace to your home this holiday season as well.


“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”
– Mother Theresa


It is an amazing thought that by instilling the values of love in our home, we can create a world of kindness.  We are purposefully making contributions to non-profits bettering literacy and education in the United States because like building the foundation for strong values at home, we believe we need to focus our efforts on building the foundation for a great education at home as well.  Empowering children through values and education we believe gives them every opportunity to better our world.