Are the notes just for kids?

The notes should recognize the efforts of anyone in your home, adults included!


Can the notes be for only one person?

 As a family, you should recognize whoever you feel is deserving of a note from the Gracious Gobbler that evening.   There may be times that you feel it is necessary to acknowledge more than one person on a given day.


Do we leave a gift?

Large gifts are not necessary.  If you feel a small token of appreciation is deserving for someone in your home that has gone above and beyond, that is entirely up to you.

It is worth noting that what comes easy for some, may be very difficult for others.  It is important that each person continues to work toward being more intentional in their words and actions and that will be different for every child and adult.  What is considered a small gesture for some may be a huge step from someone in your family that is struggling with finding kindness or gratitude.